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Our mission is to make to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ utilizing the Internet, and to meet the needs of Christians, families, and churches through the websites of the Christian Web Network. We will continually strive to help Christians get the most out of their time on-line, and more importantly, to help our members grow each day in their Christian walk.


Christian Dating Site Reviews ( provides reviews and comparisons of the top Christian singles sites and on-line dating services for Christian singles, and is a service of These reviews are provided as a service to Christians on-line, and we do not endorse any of the companies or services mentioned. All information provided as opinions, and we are not responsible for anything that takes place as a result of your usage of any sites linked to from this site. Each product or service is the trademark of their respective company.

Please use caution, wisdom, and discernment when communicating with others through on-line dating services. Not everyone who says they are a Christian truly is. Be sure that when looking for a friend or potential mate, that you discern whether the person lines up with your requirements for a godly mate. We do not encourage anyone under the age of 18 to use any of these dating services without very close parental supervision.

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